Warranty Conditions




1) All products sold at FootCourt are under manufacturer's warranty for the time that can varies according to product.


2) The damaged or defective product must be delivered to us in accordance with the return conditions without delay, and at the same time an explanation e-mail should be sent to [email protected] with a description of the damage or fault in the order and the order number.


3) The products delivered by our company, together with the explanation e-mail sent to [email protected], are sent to the manufacturer and the result is expected.


4) The manufacturer examines the submitted products and prepares a review report on whether the damage is caused by production or customer use.


5) As a result of the report, products determined to be damaged or defective due to production are repaired or replaced with the warranty period determined by the relevant company.


6) The product which is determined to be damaged or malfunction caused by the use of the customer in the result of the report is not covered by the guarantee.


7) Returned shipping charges are paid for the products determined to be damage or malfunction due to production. In all other cases, the return shipping charge belongs to the customer.


8) Shoes that do not use undercoat are comfortable and soft. In the shoes of these types of shoes, chemical additives that will disrupt the health of the foot can not be used, so they can go into deeply colored socks.


9) In the upper hand seam shoes (so called saddlery) the seam can get water from the shoes. Therefore, these types of shoes should not enter into water deposits as much as possible during winter and rainy weather.


10) Boats and boots with zipper can take water from the zipper. For this reason, you should not go into the pool of water that will reach the zipper level with these types of shoes.


11) In the inner lining, shoes made of synthetic materials are likely to smell and get water.


12) It is not a defect of production of stains that can not be removed on shoes due to excessive sweating of the foot.


13) The sun may cause the color on the shoe to fade.


14) Sweating feet and snow can make stains that can not be removed by causing salt on the deep.


15) It is important to remember that any shoe that does not have a waterproof feature on it can pass water in the rain. In particular, all shoes and boots that do not have the words '' GORETEX '' and '' WATERPROOF '', which means waterproof, can get some water. The cultures are then subjected to a stretch test in water for six hours, and as a result of this test, the skin absorbing less than 30% water is considered to be "water resistant" (WATER-RESISTANT). This is due to the fact that the used deep is a natural material. Sprays can be used to help prevent water from passing through. However, even in such cases, the waterproofing feature can not be guaranteed with natural leather.


16) There may be differences in the colors of the right and left tails of the same shoe in the so-called 'Crazy' (leather used in cattle and not treated to disrupt the deep natural image). This is a profound feature; it is not an error.


17) The soles may rub against each other when walking or sitting, even light color shoes can be painted from time to time. In walking physiology, it is not normal for shoes to rub each other. The wear and tear from such habits are not covered by the guarantee.


18) Linen products may be colored due to wet and damp conditions, contact with sea water, used and applied cleansing and rinsing agents, and excessive use of soap without shampooing.


19) Ensure that the product laces are properly connected and that the foot remains stationary within the product. Otherwise, tearing may occur in the inner fort lining of the product, and fracture and inward outward deformation may occur in the fort tires.


20) Friction, impact, etc. causes are not considered as production faults.


21) Due to the anatomical structure of the foot, there may be widening and wrinkling in the skin, suede and linen products; it's normal.


22) The used products are not changed even for a short time.


23) Damage or defects in the shoes that are not used in accordance with the shoe operating instructions are excluded from the warranty.




1) Try the right and left tongue together while taking shoes. Footwear that squeezes feet should never be taken.


2) Your foot must have an appropriate size. Shoes that are small to the foot cause problems such as premature deformation and liner tearing.


3) The sweat that the footwear sucks evaporates in 24 hours. This allows you to use your shoes for a longer period of time with two days' wear.


4) Wet and damp shoes should be dried in the room temperature, not inside the heater and the sun, but inside the newspaper.


5) When the shoes are muddy or dirty, they should be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth.


6) Suede shoes should be cleaned with suede brush or wiper.


7) Leather shoes should be polished in their own color or with a natural polish.


8) Nubuck shoes should be cleaned with a Nubuck duster or a soft sponge.


9) Shoes should be ventilated against possible odors. It is recommended to put a die in order to prevent deformation.


10) Shoes should not be kept in damp environments.


11) The shoes should never be washed or hand-washed. Laundry water, detergent, etc. Materials should not be cleaned.


12) You should use your shoe for its structure and purpose (eg a sole-footed shoe is not used for sports purposes). The intended use of shoes and out-of-area shoes may soon lead to worn out and unrecoverable deformities.


13) Make sure to open the ties of the shoes without touching the fort parts (you can not intervene in any way after the fort is broken).


14) Depending on the shape of your foot and the shape of your foot on the skin of your shoes, wrinkles may come to the forehead. These wrinkles and strains will increase at every stretch of your foot. It is recommended that you use appropriate molds to prevent deformations on your shoes.


15) It is recommended to use only rubber and rubber soled shoes, especially in leather, suede and nubuck shoes not to be used in snowy and rainy environments.


16) You will use to attract shoes.


17) Do not use silicone sponge or liquid paint to polish your shoes. Deep shortening of life, causes drying and cracking.


18) Linen products should be hand washed in cold water. Bleach, rinse aid should not be used and should not be washed in machine.


19) Footwear can squeeze or strike the first few wraps until the shoes adapt to the foot. For this reason, it is useful to try several times at home before going out



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