Privacy and Security


FootCourt shows great importance to the security of members 'and customers' personal information and therefore site security.
FootCourt requires some personal information from its members and customers in order to provide some services and improve service quality. The principle on which information is requested from members and customers can be summarized as "requesting the minimum information required by the objective". Members and customers accept and commit to providing the information requested by FootCourt in a complete and accurate manner in order to benefit from the services within the site.
Our Privacy Policies:

Any information you have given to us will be considered by us as a mystery and will never be shared with third parties or institutions. Your name, address, telephone numbers, e-mail address, name-surname, address, telephone information and message you have given to us at the time of order are considered as confidential information for our purposes and are protected by our confidentiality agreement.
Also, your order detail information is certainly not stored on a file on the internet.
At FootCourt, customer satisfaction, security and privacy are the most important issues we pay attention to. That's why our online store is secured with our 256 bit SSL system built on our site. For credit card transactions, the bank's virtual POS system is used.
Our SSL Certificate:

The information you enter when shopping on our site is encrypted using 256 bit SSL and the security of your information is kept at maximum level. You can view your SSL certificate by double clicking on the lock sign located at the bottom right of the page when you go to the order page. Our SSL certificate is our own site and registered on behalf of our company.
Important Security Elements in Online Shopping:
Contrary to popular belief, the credit card information of users is often played in physical media, not shopping on the internet. So be careful when using your credit card in everyday life. Do not share your credit card number, expiration date, and CVC number information with others. E-commerce sites that take precautions against counterfeiters who try to shop with credit card information stolen in physical environments such as restaurants, stores, etc. are caught by the real owner of the credit card when they catch these frauds. You should also carefully check your account statement information for the end of the month and contact relevant companies for purchases that do not mean anything to you.



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